"This Column Is Garbage..."

Source: Unsplash.com

Source: Unsplash.com

Last night on Facebook, my newsfeed contained an apparently controversial Opinions post by the editor of Glasgow Daily Times. Despite being a local newspaper that has existed since 1865 and being one of the community's oldest continually operated businesses, many took the post personal and basically, many lost their minds. Here is a link to the post, for so long as it exists. What I noticed most was the harsh, unjustifiably rude comments. The majority were no longer going to follow the page or buy the paper. Others personally attacked the writer. A double digit amount of people (names excluded for privacy) said things such as:

  • "Garbage. Glad I don't waste my money on it."
  • "This is so stupid. This is a backwards town, full of trump supporters and you work for the NEWS. Its literally your job to suck it up and deal, not complain via the news. I don't care for trump but this is something that needs to be left out of the daily freaking times."
  • "There is so much more important news to discuss then this. Glasgow daily times is a newspaper and should report news, not opinions."
  • "and this is why i don't buy the daily times.......... and will no longer have on my facebook..."
  • "this done it for me, will not be buying this paper again"
  • "You are unfriended and no longer followed on my fb and I will not be buying your paper."
  • "Really Daily Times. You Suck!!!"
  • " I will not buy another paper from you."
  • "This column is garbage"........"You being a keyboard ninja I'd say hard work is something you probably wouldn't know much about,so maybe it doesn't bother you to see your money taken out of your pocket to give to someone perfectly capable of working."

So to those commenters I responded with: 

"Garbage? How does the Opinions section affect the quality of the News reported by GDT? Should freedom of speech, freedom of press and editorials not exist? You stated your opinion by commenting...what's the difference? Readers can easily see the difference between news and opinion. It's stated at the top. If you can't be respectful regarding the differences of others, then just don't read the Opinions page. You can disagree with what was stated in his opinion, but to attack the writer directly is cowardly. Although I agree that reporting should remain unbiased, this does not apply to opinions. The writer's article was clearly posted in the Opinion section which results in obviously being an opinion and not representative of the views of GDT."

I was quite annoyed with the rude comments and equally lost my mind posting a quite lengthy comment of my own: 

"Perfectly stated truth. The amount of negative and threatening comments here is beyond illogical. I don't understand what is so offensive to justify unsubscribing or unfollowing just because of an opinion. I doubt those who commented unlike and unfollow everyone that offends them. It's not like they know what the CEO of their favorite products believes, but of course they don't care until they have the opinion thrust into their peaceful existence. 

Why is it so hard for everyone to just breath and respect others? That was a large part of the sentiment that was obviously overlooked. Do readers no longer value freedom of speech or do they feel citizens shouldn't, for example, have the ability to submit Letters To The Editor in order to express their own opinions? Have readers forgotten that The Daily Times' employees have just as much right to speak freely as anyone else?? Readers can easily see the difference between news and opinion. It's stated at the top. If you can't be respectful regarding the differences of others, then just don't read the Opinions page. 

As for the sense of offense in the comments, there was nothing said of obvious offense beyond calling our president immature. I can understand some are so patriotic that the consideration of any tarnished reputation is unimaginable. Yet, those who feel this way need to wake up. How mature is it to whine about the size of the inauguration crowd or how many votes were received, have a press conference about it and then throw a tantrum and order a blackout due to a NPS account retweeting a photo showing the inauguration crowd of Obama vs Trump? He chose to mess with nature and now he's being trolled. There may be many good changes coming, but angering environmentalists isn't the greatest idea for starting a term.

I could care less who voted for who. The election and the inauguration are done. Move on, let all that go, for it's already over. The focus now should be on real issues and not on a popularity contest. This isn't high school, it's America. The logical truth is there are many factual situations involving President Trump that are laughable and even scary. All are easily discovered online for those not aware of these situations in question. I for one don't care who is president as long as they possess good moral character and are a respectful role model for the generation of children and for the other countries watching. This whole mentality of defending the honor of a grown man making his own choices and mistakes is laughable. Should not we the people care about his controversial actions? He is the representative of our country! We should be looking up to our 'leader' rather than to be involved in this drama that devalues who we are and what we stand for as a country. 

President Trump and the distraction created by this discord could risk the safety and credibility of our country. Hopefully soon the dust will settle and the aftermath will be far less destructive than many feared. Stop fighting over his insecurity regarding the vote and the size of the crowd. There are bigger issues such as the future of our National and State Parks and preventing war with other countries who are all unsettled by his actions. I've never seen such an uprising against a president. Yes, technically it's disrespectful, but this should illustrate how freaked out and upset citizens are over the changes already made. The uprising is swift and it won't end well for President Trump if he doesn't pay attention and agree to compromise. Is it not a conflict of interest for the President's official Twitter account to follow all his companies and assets? That should be saved for his personal Twitter. Like it or not, but face the truth. There is a strong uprising all because of his current changes. Stop fighting and start listening. Truly listening. For if he continues down this path, the only sound we'll hear is the last tree falling as he builds his empire..."