A Grand Distraction From Such Melancholy

The moon lives among the stars. The wrong companions for such vivid light. Sometimes, the moon tries to be more like them and shines just a bit less brightly. Sometimes...I feel it would be easier to end the suffering and fly high among the stars, but I have not the freedom to be so selfish. The beauty of nature is a grand distraction from such melancholy. Though hidden in the darkness, the moon still exists and will return when the time is right. Just as with clouds, the sun still shines behind them and the stars still shine despite the sun. The night changes to day and the day changes to night. Seasons come and change forever in a dependable cycle. Beautiful flowers. Illuminating thunderstorms. Vivid leaves. Icy decor. Nature is the ultimate example of truth. Time changes all things. The river flows ever deeper. The leaves turn and descend to their silent end below. Even the stars change and eventually their light no longer shines. We are all a part of this cycle, yet most value the acquisition of money as if time was endless. No matter how wealthy, none can afford the ability to control time and yet still forget it's value. Idolizing manufactured possessions that will be worthless after death over exploring the vast unknown wealth of beauty in every forest, cave, arctic tundra and ocean. Working rather than living. Existing rather than being. Why is there so much fighting among our species? So much anger, pain and suffering. All over whose religion or political affiliation is the right one. All over who to love and how to live. So many judgements about who is right and wrong. Who has the right to choose what to believe or feel for anyone else?? In our short existence, do we not all deserve to feel, love and believe what speaks to our soul with clarity? All of this insanity over life that is so short and so quickly ended. We're dying...literally every second closer to the darkness that will descend without light to chase it away. Should not the focus be on leaving this world better than upon arrival??