Please Help: 95 Honda Civic Only Starts If Pop Clutch

UPDATE JULY 2015: Finally fixed! As soon as he has some time off work, I'll update with the solution to this problem. Check back or email me if I've forgotten and you need to know. :)

Husband's 95 Honda Civic (does not have original motor) drove like normal to work this week, then wouldn't start on break. Jumper cables to battery did not start it. He assumed it was starter, so replaced with new. Nothing. Battery and alternator test ok. After manually starting (pop clutch, push start) to drive car home, it drove like normal. This video below shows the current sounds when the key is turned. The dash lights up and audible beeping of interior sounds are heard like normal. There is a click around battery and whine of fuel pump. Ignition switch and master relay from his parts car where he's been working to restore his car were replaced as well. The majority of fuses were checked, but had to leave for work before could finish. Transmission replacement was most recent issue, otherwise has been fine. Anyone have any ideas of something we've missed? He's had this car since his teen years and now uses it to commute due to gas prices, so mileage is quite high. We're hoping to fix issue this week so we don't have to continue to drive his full size truck. It's been a fun mystery, but now we just want a solution. Thank you!

Video of sounds when attempting to key start

Random Photos

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Yes, we know his motor looks really ugly. He's been working to replace and restore this car as time and money allows. It's a fun project, but with only 2-4hrs a day, it's not going fast. I'd love to win him one of those free restorations popular on television!

View of the newly replaced starter.

Ignition switch was replaced.

Main relay was replaced.

Unexplained Leak

In the weeks before the starting issue happened, there had been a sound like a belt squealing the first few seconds after starting. One day a fluid was seen next to driver's side headlight on the fender. Probably unrelated, but adding just in case a symptom. Here's a photo of that:


Thank you for trying to help. Please share this post if you know someone that can help!  I will update this post with the final solution once we determine it for those Honda Civic lovers out there.