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Kinslow Photo Restoration

I volunteered to restore this photo uploaded by one of my Facebook contacts in exchange for use in my portfolio. It was a heavily damaged portrait of the client with tape being used to repair a tear. I hand restored the image and delivered a high-resolution file for personal use.

Photo Restoration - Before Photo Restoration - After

Client: Kinslow

Stratton Family Facebook Group

Client requested a group page be setup on Facebook for Stratton Family (James & Lydia) descendants. I provided setup, graphic design, copywriting the description of the group, group usage instruction and general Facebook assistance.

Facebook group:

I recently had occasion to consult Amber Flowers, Soul Gaze Photography, about establishing a Facebook Group page. She was professional, thorough, innovative, and patient. I was impressed by her knowledge and work quality.
— Jo
Stratton Family Group.jpg

Client: Jo Stratton

Larue County High Reunion

Client requested a group page be setup on Facebook for LaRue County High School's 40th reunion (class of 1973). I provided setup, graphic design and photo restoration along with copywriting the description of the group.

Facebook Group:

Client: Brenda Royalty


Source: Soul Gaze Photography, LLC

I feel myself fading...alone at the edge of a forest, surrounded by silence. Multiple facets of color surround me. Each one unique and shining bright in the sunlight. Rays of light break through the thick canopy. My vivid color is slipping away. I am dying. The wind no longer softly kisses my skin. The rain no longer gently dancing around me. I watch everything I know slip away to the darkness below. Fear overtakes me for a brief moment. I hold on wanting to survive, to be the last. I fight to be strong and hold on. The deafening silence is so lonely. The view is not the same without a companion. For what in nature is truly alone with no mate to make it a pair or create another? Like an endangered species I let fall to the earth below. Not content to be alone. Soft as a feather I land among my ancestors as the wind blows me into the next unknown...

Quick Review of Fine Art

I've been a member of Fine Art America since 2011. Has it been worth the $30 sign-up fee? For me it has, because each year I've not only made that money back, I'm made more than that. Not enough to be my sole income, but enough to enjoy the extra income. The reality is, this amount would be far higher if I better advertised myself. The fact that I've only minimally advertised shows that FAA is a great way to earn extra income because you can earn even without advertising much provided you properly keyword your images and upload only the best of your work.

Photography Prints

Ironically, one image has sold the most of all of my images, and it is one of Louisville, Kentucky! It's also one of my favorite man-made views of my state. Taken from the park in Indiana across the Ohio river, the full beauty of Louisville at night is hard to miss. Here's the image that is currently my most popular despite how my work has progressed with my higher quality Canon 5D Mark III and the fact that this image was taken with my older Nikon D40. I find it impressively odd the popularity it currently has. Many tell me it's because of the light and shadows. What do you think?

Anyway, FAA has been a great way for me to upload, set prices and walk away. Of course, the only downside is the profit that FAA makes off my work, but for the times of the year when I'm busy with client sessions, it's been great to not have to package or ship prints of my work. FAA also has other kentucky prints besides that of my work if you're interested in supporting other local FAA photographers and artists.

So what all are the benefits of FAA? 

1. Upload images, quickly set prices and start selling. On the 15th of each month, you receive payment from Fine Art America via PayPal for all of the orders that you received during the previous month. I've never once had an issue with non-payment.

2. All purchases have a 30-day guarantee:

Imagescan be purchased as: prints, canvas (rolled or stretched, framed prints, metal prints, acrylic prints, throw pillows, phone cases, posters and greeting cards.

3. Shopping cart widgets, PDF sales sheets, announcement pages for recent sales, built in personal website with emails and even blogging, events and promotions. You can also link your store to your facebook page like I've done here:

4. FAA is also a community of other photographers and artists. You can comment and communicate with other members or favorite pieces. I can embed my 'store' anywhere.

Such as here in this blog post:

Amber Flower's Fine Art America Store:

So, if you're a photographer or artist and would like a way to make some extra cash off your work or even promote yourself enough to make a full career, FAA might just be a perfect way to get started with all the tools you need until you've the income to create your own eCommerce website. Best of luck! Comment with your experience with FAA or send me your store link. I'd love to see your work!

Soul Gaze Photography, Licensed Photographer for City of Glasgow Kentucky

I reside in Barren County, primarily working outside city limits where license isn't required. Since I'm no longer just a 'hobby' this license was required by the City of Glasgow along with a 1.5% occupational tax for all profit within city limits. So, add that to the required state and federal taxes and it gives new meaning to starving artist! :)

Philmo Inc.

I photographed the exterior and interior of the Philmo Inc facility in Franklin, Kentucky during live production November 2014. I was mindful of my safety, followed requests to wear earplugs and was careful to not distract workers or photograph any who refused to sign the release form. I also photographed final products and provided fully edited images for the company's promotional use. These images were taken for website, social media, marketing and advertising purposes.

Public IMAGES PENDING CLIENT APPROVAL due to confidentiality agreement.