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38th Annual Cave Sing at Mammoth Cave National Park

38th Annual Cave Sing at Mammoth Cave National Park

"If you have never been inside Mammoth Cave, look forward to the Annual Cave Sing in December. Visitors enjoy the immense, underground beauty of the cave, intertwined with the beautiful glow of a Christmas tree covered with lights and the synchronicity of a holiday choir, brass band and sometimes both. Just one visit inside is enough to suddenly inspire the mind to realize just how tiny we are in comparison to nature. The crowd is in a festive mood, most wearing holiday-themed attire. As we descend into the cave, the Park Rangers smile and nod in welcome. It is a time for celebrating the amazing cave that has hosted this tradition for generations and for enjoying the hospitality Mammoth Cave National Park is known for."

Free Shipping Today at my Fine Art America Store

Free Shipping Today at my Fine Art America Store

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NEW - 7x5 Book

I adore this new 7x5 book! The layflat pages are rigid and lacking the annoying gap visible on most layflat books and albums. The color is rich and true. The binding is professional and will probably outlive me. The cover is so smooth and luxurious despite not being real leather. Silver foil imprinting shows my business name. So elegant! Excited to now offer these either with my fine art photography or my client's images. Multiple sizes, cover materials, foil colors and other custom options are available. Contact me for pricing or to order! 



Beautiful Frost

Here in Kentucky, the weather has been 'unseasonably' warm for weeks. Christmas Eve was in the upper 60's to lower 70's, providing the weather for some lovely warm hiking. It felt like spring and sounded like spring. Then, without warning...winter attacked and won. Last night was forecast to be 15 degrees, but reached even single digits in some places with a thin dusting of snow here while other locations farther north such as Louisville reaching around 2 inches of snow according to my Aunt who resides there.

This morning, I braved the painful cold for a few photos using my iPhone 6 Plus. It was so bitterly cold, such a harsh cold after the recent warmth, that I had no intention of getting out my big camera. Until I got outside and saw the beauty up close. Such high quality and delicate frost in SO many forms. I captured many beautiful things with my phone and excitedly ran inside for my camera gear and a thick shirt to lay on.

Once back outside, I lay on my stomach to capture the beauty of the frost on the blades of grass as the golden sun rose higher. My fingers became numb. Despite my scarf, my nose was running and I was unable to do anything about it. My thighs began to ache. My toes too. Despite this, I was determined to capture at least a few photos. I wasn't giving up. I photograph in all weather and I wasn't about to let sudden cold win. Then, I finally got what I was seeking. Inspired, I suddenly forgot the cold and progressed to capture a few more photos using my 100mm macro for the details and 50mm 1.4 for freelensing. I took a few with my new Sigma 35mm, but wanted to focus more on the details than anything.

Afterwards, I was so numb and excited that I rushed inside, slipping on the linoleum floor of my utility room, kicked the offending shoes across it and ran to my office. I quickly began editing the images I captured. I wish now that I'd stayed longer, for in only a couple hours of editing, the beautiful white snow and frost had melted away in the sunlight despite the cold air lingering.

iPhoneography via iPhone 6 Plus: 

Canon 5D Mark III Photos:

Yay! Today, I Am A Profoto Giveaway Winner!

I entered with hope, but with no idea I would even have a chance knowing there was most likely a very large amount of entries. Yet, my entry was deemed worthy! I woke this morning to discover a congratulatory email in my inbox. What a fabulous way to start the day. I choose the OCF Softbox 2' Octa and am SO excited to try it out. However, I kinda don't have a B1 or B2 yet though I have been saving up and dreaming for so very long. Soon, I shall hold these divine sources of man-made light and truly enjoy my lucky win. Follow up post will come once package arrives, so look for that soon. 

The Contest Ends December 18th

Glasgow Fire Department

June 12th, 2012, I documented live firefighter training in the interior and exterior of Glasgow High School which was pending demolition. The exterior temperature was already humid, but with the electricity turned off, the lack of air and ventilation resulted in dusty and suffocating air. The darkness required flashlights to illuminate the interior already hazy from artificial fog used to simulate smoke. Later, the floor held several inches of water as they did training with the ladder's hose. I did my best to stay out of their way, but they were always mindful of my safety and provided me many opportunities to photograph. It was a dangerous, yet rewarding experience with a rare glimpse inside the 'brotherly' bond Firefighters share.

I was later honored to document CPAT test inside Bales Warehouse & attendance at Camp TJ. These photos are being better organize and are coming soon to my portfolio.

Client: Jeff 'Tree' Thompson and Craig Hiser, approved by Chief Tony Atwood

Jewish Hospital Leadership Development Guide

Architectural exterior photo of Jewish Hospital was licensed to KYK Marketing for the Jewish Hospital Leadership Development Guide. I was credited on the exterior & provided a copy for my portfolio. I received a distributed brochure for my portfolio with a handwritten note.

Higher quality images of brochure coming soon!

The low-res photos below were taken via iPhone. Contact me to see original.

Client: Paul Plaschke of KYK Marketing.

2600 Constant Comment Drive Louisville KY 40299.

502-636-0288 OR 800.531.6999

Poor Keys BBQ, LLC

Poor Keys BBQ, LLC is a mobile BBQ unit officially founded in 2011 and based in historic Munfordville, Kentucky. This is an ongoing project, on-hold per client request. Client favors minimal, simplistic designs. Regular revisions are provided to update menu to client specifications as pricing and services change.

  • Menu: plain, basic menu easily read and duplicated at local or home printers.
  • Logo: vivid neon colors with Porky's font.
  • Website: (no-cost site by client request)
  • Photography: owner portrait, mobile BBQ unit and menu items coming soon. Fire background already provided.

Full branding and social media coming soon along with a more comprehensively and beautifully designed menu.

Client: Brian Key