I want bold, wild and free. Explorers of the heart. Passionate and wide-eyed for adventure regardless of age or income. Eyes full of stars and skin kissed with moonlight. Women not afraid to live life as if they are dying. Men so comfortably rugged and masculine that no one would dare question them showing love to an adorable kitten. Couples on fire with a lust in their eyes to make a porn star blush. Brave and free to streak into a cold lake on a warm night. I am seeking the dreamers. The creators of thought and reason. Logic fueled minds with an appreciation for the vintage. Tattoos and wild colors and spirit like the sudden artistry of a winter into spring.

I seek souls who truly love photography. Those who want to pass memories, as they were, back when furniture was real wood, built by hand and passed down for generations. Photography was once a rarity for special occasions, cautiously captured, printed and displayed. This was a time before disks, social media and computers. A time where the tangible was valued.

Modern photography has become a commodity. More people have cameras than ever before and everyone feels deserving of the photographic title. Yet, very few have the eye and the desire. The passion and dedication to avoid failure and to impress. Those few who do are seeking ideal clients. The ones who know photography is more than buying a camera or clicking a button and that you get what you pay for. They know that photography is more than a photo. It is a memory, created by a photographic artist who cares as much about capturing it as an artist does painting and as much about editing and printing as an artist in a fine art gallery in high income cities. These ideal clients have great taste in decor and dining and are patient so they can savor the experience. They value the photographer's vision without question.

So, if you're out there, come find me. If you want to invest in fine art quality imagery rather than bargain hunt for rushed or cheap and you want more than images forgotten on a disk or printed at a retail or home printer, then we should meet. Maybe you'd like to go for a hike at nearby Mammoth Cave National Park? Whatever suits you, rugged or urban, lets go on an adventure!

I do not discriminate for any reason. Regardless of religion, skin, income or relationship - we all bleed the same blood and love who we love.
— Amber Flowers