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Beautifully written and oh so true! You are an inspiration with your beautiful words and photos!
— Julie Sanders
“Wonderful Pictures! Wonderful photographer!”
— Jessica Burks
“Ur so talented, Amber! To have the eye to take the picture in the first place! great job!”
— Debbie Masri
“I always enjoy reading and seeing your work. You do have a wonderful gift. I also wish more people seen life through your eyes.”

Manta Review: “This is a wonderful place to go if you want great, affordable pictures that will look as if you had spent more. You will also receive friendly service with a smile. I would recommend this place to anyone.”
— Christy Waddell
“You have some beautiful photos.”
— Lethia Vespera Nightshade
“And she’ll work (wonders) with you to get just the memory and/or impact you want. If I was doing a church directory, I’d hire Soul Gaze. If I was doing a Carl Sagan tribute, I’d hire Soul Gaze. If I wanted an entire wall wrap to look like I was in the foothills of The Rockies, I’d hire Soul Gaze. And you AIN’T gonna beat the price. (I am an uncompensated testifier who has functional eyes in his head and a wrking brain attached to it)”
— Rex Holiday
“You take nice pics.....I have 2 more grandaughters coming and I would like some pics of me and my 4!!!! grandaughters..... I think that you are very talented!!!”
— Michelle McAneny
“I have appreciated the fantastic photos and professilisim that I have recieved from you over the years. Your photos are at the top of the list. I have studied photography and yours out pass the best of them. May you always continue with your great work. Sincerly, Mrs. Charlotte B”
— Charlotte B
“found your photography page on FB though your photography site which i found on a nice article you wrote on photography in Spring. how’s that for taking the long way great work”
— Gerry
“Your photography is such beautiful art, but this posting has brought a tear to this old boys eyes,the words roll of your finger tips as they have been spilled from your heart and soul. Im praying for a great outcome for you and your friends, God bless you.”
— Jeff Towe
“All of your infrared work is amazing!”
— Amy
“Thanks for the follow. I enjoyed your photo gallery. Nice work!”
— Amstillion, via a photography network.
“Your photos are amazing!!!! You are very talented!”
— Staci Greer
“Amber if i ever get married…u are taking my wedding photos! :)”
— Meredith Larimore
“I love them all………….you do a fine job……!!!”
— Teena Lazrovitch
“Amber you are an amazing photographer…I am a big fan”
— Tamala Gibbons
“you have quite the talent…beautiful pics!!”
— Lauralee Turner
“Amber why don’t you send some of your photos to the photo contest they have around ky. you made me look beautiful you can make it. i still believe in you.”
— Charlotte Shaw
“my mom, sister and i were just admiring your photography.. we absolutely love it! you should be in magazines and famous.”
— Apryl Ferrell
“Amber, I think you wasted way too much time at Wal-Mart when you should have been taking photos. You are a natural at this, girlfriend. You should open up your own studio…Keep up the good work.”
— Sharon Salings

Comments From Various Hobby Networks, Forums and Groups

“Your photos are AMAZING!!! :)”
— 12paws(Michele),
“Great shots!!! …..Wow!!!!”
— Sabastian, via a photography network.
“Amber, I wanted to comment on your recent images. I really like your style and the content is good. Most all of your work has a very fine art feel…I love that.The IR work is very nice also. Keep up the great work and thanks for being a part of PhotoNetWorx.”
— Alan, Aperture Images
“This was a much better link. Thank you for sending it. You have some excellent IR photos in your gallery. Thanks for sharing them. I look forward to seeing more of your work.”
— Marcia, via Yahoo Infrared Group.
“Great work! I’ll be back to check out more. Your images are stunning.”
— Tray D, via a photography network.

“I looked at your slideshow and I am very, very impressed with the breadth and quality of your work. I like your rather unique vision too. Simply excellent. I will comment on them in the near future; let this be the first one :-)! Congrats and bravo!”
— Mack Hall, via a photography network.
“Neat! kinda like something you would see in final fantasy or something..”
— Brandor