Are the valuable photographic memories of your ancestors collecting dust as they lay forgotten in a dresser drawer or cardboard box? In a time where life is so bound to digital, these priceless memories of history can be restored and converted digitally for your sharing and archiving to protect them from damaged due to improper storage (dry air, heat, moisture, cold) or in a disaster (flood, fire or tornado). Before these memories are lost forever to the degradation of time or disaster, trust me to scan, retouch and restore your family heirlooms without harming the originals. 


Pricing & Details

Service Fee

Varies per project requirement, please contact to discuss. My fee is $35hr for smaller projects OR can be adjusted to a single 'per project' fee for larger projects.

See What's Included

Free consultation
Prefer not to mail your images? Let's meet in-person at local restaurant or coffee shop. Just need a consultation? Consider a video chat.

No Travel Fee (within Barren County)
A minimal travel fee may be required for non-local clients.

Private Client Account
Eco-friendly digital documents. Sign contracts, make payments and view or download receipts for your records.

Online Image Delivery
Edited, full resolution digitals delivered in an online archive with print release and the option to order professional prints and products.

Copies of Scans
Full resolution scan of the original image(s) and the final edit.

Will you need the originals?

I utilize a high-resolution scan of your original image(s) in order to provide photo restoration. I recommend you only mail your originals if you are unable to travel. It is safer to send a high resolution scan or to meet in-person than to risk damage in transit.

How should I mail the originals?

If you choose to mail your originals, they should be copied (just in case) and insured before sending. Image(s) will be returned insured and repacked as provided, so please securely package with love. I am NOT responsible for loss or damage due to shipping nor for the cost of the return shipping or insurance. I am not able to put a value on your images, only you know their worth.

Will you take care of my image(s)?

Utmost care and respect will be provided while in my possession. Images are handled with fine art gloves and kept secure in a locked safe, away from light and moisture. However, I am not responsible for any disasters (fire, flood, tornado etc.) while in my possession.

What will I have to pay if you are unable to restore my images?

You will not be charged for restoration if I determine I will be unable to restore your image due to the severity of the damage. The only cost to you will be shipping and insurance. Save money and protect your originals by sending a high resolution scan or meeting in-person. Everything you send me is kept confidential.

Will my image(s) be used for any purpose or seen by others?

I greatly appreciate permission to display before and after images in my portfolio. I respect your privacy and so provide a form allowing you to provide or deny permission to use/display the scan of the original and the final edit in my portfolio either with the name of the client (you) and subject or anonymously.