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Photography for Unique Souls…

As a traveling photographer, I don’t utilize an indoor studio. I travel to you, in any season, rain or shine, to capture unique images while providing an experience you’ll never forget. When you find a photographer you can have fun with and make a life-long friend, that’s priceless.

I believe in capturing the beautiful authenticity of the reality of moments, not cookie-cutter false representations with fake smiles with no emotional connection. I understand the value of your images and am able to provide memories that make you smile, cry and feel alive for years to come, not some random snapshot anyone can take with an iPhone. This is the truth of your existence forever preserved like a photographic fossil.

In my work, I strive to see things differently. To find the magic hidden in the ordinary and capture souls in their truest form. I document what I see...raw, honest and organically. I don’t edit you to look like someone you’re not. Images are captured with the eye of a Photographic Artist who genuinely cares about you and your photos, with the courage to tell you the truth, the vision to capture the reality and the soul of a friend you’ve known for years.


2019 Prices

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How To Book a Session…

To secure a spot on my calendar, a non-refundable deposit of $25 + signed contract and release is required. For all services under $500, full payment is due prior to the date of service. For all services over $500, 50% due by the date of service with remainder due to receive delivery of edited images. Contact me to schedule a consultation in-person or by video call so you can get on my calendar as soon as possible.



Pricing is for individuals, couples, engagement, family, seniors, boudoir and more. You won’t be forced into unnatural poses and can change outfits as needed. We’ll have fun and create memories you’ll be proud to share for generations.

Full Session — $450
Up to 2hrs + All digital images.

Half Session — $250
Up to 1hr + 25 digital images.

Mini Session — $125
30 minutes + 10 digital images.

Large groups (8 +) require a custom quote.


Happy to travel and thrilled to capture the love shared between two souls. I’m proud to stand behind my Love For All Policy.

Full Event — $2400
Engagement session, rehearsal, prep, ceremony & reception + all digital images.

Half Day — $1200
Prep, ceremony & reception for up to 6 hrs + all digital images.

Custom —$200hr
The length of time you need + all digital images.


  • Second shooter — $450ea

  • Flash Drive — $45

Events, Photojournalism & Commercial

Images to document events and for commercial marketing. Includes a limited license (I retain full rights) to use for marketing and promotion. A commercial license is required for reselling.

Full Day — $1750 = 12hrs + all digital images.

Half Day — $875 = 6hrs + all digital images.

Custom — $150hr

Antemortem Pets & Postmortem Memoria

Antemortem Pet Sessions are a donated service providing memories before you say goodbye to a beloved pet. Soul Gaze Photography, LLC is a proud member of the Joy Sessions® Network.

Postmortem Memoria provides respectful documentation of a funeral or memorial. Typically for the purpose of remembrance or sharing with out of town family and friends.

More Info? Contact me for full details.

Infrared (IR72)

Infrared photography will show you a whole new world in the world you already know. One with beautiful dreamlike landscapes where winter exists during summer. Where skin is smooth and ethereal. Where trees suddenly appear to be frozen in time.

$650 = all digitals + 16x20 metallic canvas print.

Offered June - August. Must be taken on sunny days and with fully visible green foliage.

Photo Restoration & Editing

Professional scanning, restoration and digital archiving of family heirlooms, historical photography and more. Able to edit images to remove objects, blemishes and other issues.

$95hr + all digital images.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you travel?

Yes! I love an adventure, so am proud to be a traveling photographer. I make it easy on my clients by traveling to them. Contact me for a quote.

Why do you use a contract and will I be required to sign it?

I use a contract to ensure we both understand expectations, to explain policies and to protect us both from misunderstandings. We are both required to sign it prior to services being provided. I will not provide services otherwise.

What's Included with photo sessions?

All photographic services include a free, password protected online photo archive for 1-year with a print release the option to purchase additional photos, prints and products. Although a selection of digital images are included with all services, to be Eco-friendly (and save you money), prints and products are extra. They can be ordered anytime, as needed and I can assist you with ordering, delivery and display. The service fee covers my time providing services, editing images, and an ordering consult after.

Can I have all the images from the session? Can I have the RAW files?

As a Mother, I know what it's like to wonder if there are any images deleted that I might have wanted. Every session contains images that didn't go as planned. People blink, kids make faces, wind blows hair. Stuff goes wrong and not every image is flattering. Although only the best images make it to the gallery, I still consider the point of view of my client with every image I review for deletion. If I have an image that is less than technically perfect, yet conveys a moment that I think you might want, I always include it in your gallery. This is why you may find a few images that aren't really worthy of my portfolio, but may still convey something of importance to you.

However, I don't release RAW files or images that are deemed unfit for delivery. If you truly need the RAW files because you don't like my style of editing, then I'm not the right photographer for you. Would you go to a fancy restaurant just to take home raw ingredients and cook it yourself? No? Then please don't request RAW files for self-editing. Photographers are only picky about this because clients often edit these files and post the images as an innacurate representation of our professional abilities.

As per our agreed upon contract, the photographer is not liable to deliver every image or the RAW files, and the amount of images delivered is left to the discretion of the photographer.

Portraits: Can I bring my pet??

Of course! They're family. Please no pets that are sick, aggressive or are not fully housetrained. You are responsible for all damages or injuries in connection with your pet's presence.

Can you Photoshop me? Maybe I should wait to do the session. I'm too...

I hear objections like this alot: "I'm too overweight to look good in a photo, I'll get photos when I'm in better shape". Life is too short, even without makeup or being dressed up, we're all beautiful and need memories for the future. Please don't avoid the camera for so long you fail to have memories to leave behind for loved ones.

I'm looking for the cheapest photographer in the area...

Hey, I totally get it. Your time is limited, so you’re moving quickly through websites looking for prices, but should you really be searching for the ‘cheapest’ photographer? Professional photography is an investment and you get what you pay for. You deserve a photographer willing to travel wherever you need, in any season or weather condition, to provide the images you seek while providing an experience you’ll never forget. Images captured with the eye of a Photographic Artist who genuinely cares about you and your photos. Who understands the value of your images and is able to provide memories that make you smile, cry and feel alive for years to come, not some random snapshot anyone can take with an iPhone. Find a photographer with work you love, the courage to tell you the truth, the vision to capture the reality and the soul of a friend you’ve known for years. When you find a photographer you can have fun with and make a life-long friend, well that’s priceless.

What are my options if the amount is outside my budget?

I am one of the most affordable professional photographers in South Central Kentucky. If the amount is outside your budget, no worries — we can setup a no-interest payment plan or I can refer you to another photographer in my professional network. Feel like your project is too unique to fit into my price list? Request a quote!


Prices are subject to change at any time and are not guaranteed until the contract has been signed and the non-refundable retainer has been paid.


Prints & Products

Beautiful prints you can feel. Never again will your expensive professional images be forgotten or lost on a phone or computer. Hold them in your hand, show them off and pass them down for generations. The unparalleled beauty of handmade prints and products rivals the instant gratification provided by a digital image.

Lifetime guarantee against fading or yellowing!



Why choose professional prints?

Why not? It may be ‘cheaper’ to go to a local retail store for prints, but you are not getting what you paid for when you hired a professional. Not choosing professional prints is like taking the one you love to an insanely expensive restaurant for dinner, only to not buy any food. You might enjoy the complimentary appetizer, but it’s not the real deal. Retail labs do not have the depth of color nor is it as accurately represented as what the photographer captured or intends for display. You also do the photographer a disservice by displaying their work on poor quality prints. If you like that Ooompa-Loompa look, then by all means, save money. If however, you'd rather look as beautiful as you are, then trust your photographer. Besides, clients enjoy a no-fee replacement if the delivered prints look 'off', fade or yellow with time. If you print elsewhere, the cost for replacement is yours.

We give back together.

My professional lab partner donates monthly to Water.Org and Charity Water.

Soul Gaze Photography, LLC gives back to the community by donating work and time. A portion of profit is donated to non-profit organizations such as the Friends of Mammoth Cave National Park and the National Park Foundation.

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