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1. I promise to talk about Soul Gaze Photography, LLC in a respectful and professional manner. I will not make graphics or use any of Soul Gaze Photography, LLC's content without written permission. 2. I am aware that I am under no obligation to share my coupon code and can stop doing so at anytime. I will contact Soul Gaze Photography, LLC immediately if I ready to end my participation. I understand I am not an employee and will have no benefits. 3. I will always disclose that I earn a cash referral bonus when sharing my coupon code. I will NEVER spam or harass anyone or attempt to obtain referrals in an unfair or illegal manner. I understand that this program may change or end at anytime at the discretion of the owner. 4. I understand that tax reporting may apply once earnings reach a threshold. I agree to cooperate with IRS requirements and to submit necessary information for a 1099 if earnings reach the income reporting threshold. I have complete trust that my privacy and data security will be respected. I am aware that if I opt-out, I must be removed from the program, but may return when willing to comply with federal law.

Need To Know

A new client is a client who has never hired SGP. Discount/referral credit can not be applied to past projects or invoices. Only valid to new invoices. Discount is for services only and does not apply to tangible options or sales tax. If the discount results in a negative balance, it will be credited to the client's account for the next project. A signed contract and paid non-refundable retainer is required to officially book. Non-transferrable.