Pricing is completely customized to each unique session and wedding. 

On a budget? No worries! I gladly can assist you with a no-interest payment plan or can customize a quote just for you! 


There is more to you than the external. Your soul is fiery and free like the sunset reflected in your eyes. There is no simplicity in the singular concept of a soul, for each is as diverse and unique as the stars in a velvet sky. You are more than unique. You are a kindred spirit. I seek images of reality and emotion, not of stoic formality or false perfection. Each photograph is forged from a grand adventure exploring lost places with a sense of adventure. 


You've dreamed of this day. Waited with a longing deep within your heart. The epic love story you've written together is obvious in every detail, so carefully planned. This is a story that deserves to be told just as beautifully as crafted. The cake, the dress, the decor...all will be put away and forgotten. Your images will remain for generations. I am willing to stay with you for as long as needed, regardless of weather or season. I will cry with you, sweat with you and inspire you to bravely go forth when nerves deceive. I will be more than your photographer, I will be your friend. Together, we'll document your love, now and forever...

For a couple to be limited by time or budget, is an injustice. Things tend to get a bit crazy and I've never seen a wedding go as planned nor remain on schedule. You deserve a photographer willing to provide full coverage of the expensive details and years of careful planning that have miraculously came together. 

You choose the amount of coverage needed, but must be careful to include enough time for all the important moments. I am happy to quote for full coverage, which means I will happily be there from rehearsal to reception. An engagement session, online gallery and print release is included. Prints and products are extra.

 To book: A non-refundable, 50% retainer (will be applied to invoice) required to reserve your date(s). 100% of balance due prior to event date. 

Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.