I am an Eco-friendly photographic artist inspired by kindred spirits with an adventurous soul. I am known for environmental portraits taken in rugged or urban locations, fine art commissions for home or office and providing commercial and event photography to clients in Kentucky and beyond. I love an adventure and will gladly come to your home, business or favorite location by request. I regularly provide photography and reviews as a blogger and brand ambassador. Tutoring, photo editing. photo restoration, copywriting and web design services are also available to those in need of creative services.
— Amber Flowers

Environmental Portraits

I capture the soul. My images are a true reflection of you, not some cookie-cutter replication. I do not discriminate for any reason. Regardless of religion, skin, income or relationship - we all bleed the same blood and love who we love.

Decorate Home or Office

I'm proud to be Eco-Friendly! I print on luxurious fine art paper FSC Certified, Green Seal certified and 100% Recycled. Traditional or metallic canvas, wood, metal, glass and more options are available to collectors and clients.

Commercial Projects

As a brand ambassador, I've developed an appreciation for commercial projects. I've worked with companies of various sizes to creatively photograph new projects and products of all sizes and types while custom pricing per client.