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Let's Explore or just hang out under the stars! Booking is limited, so please don't delay!

Questions? Please ask me -- I'm always happy to help! However, most common questions such as details and pricing can be found by utilizing the search box or browsing the FAQ database. 

All responses are personally sent by me, please be patient. I value you and will reply asap, usually within 24hrs M-F. If I've not replied swiftly, please try again or contact me alternately. Either I didn't receive the message or I'm on another planet counting stars while eating cotton candy flavored ice cream. Otherwise, I always reply. If I'm not the right fit, I'm happy to pass along the opportunity to my professional network. Even if we don't work together, let's be friends! :) 

Office hours: M-F 8a-3p CST. Closed S/S unless scheduled. Appointment required prior to visiting. Thank you! 

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